Mercy Incognito is located in Calgary, Alberta CANADA.

She is an alternative model, makeup artist and burlesque performer. To book her message us today!

Mercy Incognito the Punk Pixie

Mother, Model, Certified Makeup Artist, Photographer, Cosplayer, Punk, Which, Daydreamer (Personal, Adult, Spiritual, Modeling) Re blogged content is on my other blog.


Wow tumblr, bad move. This place is going to die without its nudity. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Well, it was good while it lasted.


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A poll to start off my patreon ♡

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“No” - a single, powerful, two letter spell with the ability to liberate you if only you learn to use it unapologetically and cast it without fear.”

— Nikita Gill, The Most Powerful Spell The Witch Gave Me

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original theory: succubi are always women, incubi are always men 

facts: in fact succubus comes from the latin word “succubare” which means “to lie under” and incubus comes from the latin word “incubare” which means “to lie on”

new improved theory: incubi are always tops and succubi are always bottoms. gender doesn’t matter at all.

addendum: if the sex demon in question is versatile, they’re a concubus, from the latin for ‘to lie with/beside’.

Proper Latin headcanon accepted.

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Lipstick Magick


Wine red/Maroon/Crimson: Powerful words, strength, queen/king-like beauty and power, cursing. Wear when you want to put a bite into your words.

Poppy Red/Scarlet/Bright Reds: Love, playfulness, draw attention, courage. Enchant these colors for when you have to give a presentation, or for love spells.

Rose Pink/Lighter Shades: Friendship, Love, peace. Enchant for maybe going out with friends, setting a dispute, etc.

Peach: (My personal favorite) Use this color in beauty and confidence spells, or anything requiring some bravery and/or emotional strength.

Purples/Violet/You get the Idea: Love, astral realm, psychic abilities, intelligence. Ladies- if you are like me and deal with men who frequently claim you are less intelligent because you are a woman, enchant a purple color.

Reddish-Brown: deceit. Idk how or why you would use this but its a common color so.

Black: protection, the otherworld, litterally anything you want really.

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